My name is Agnes Clavier, I am writing to say how thankful I am to Florida mobile Phlebotomy Services. I used their services for over 9 months and they are always great. The phlebotomists were all polite and proficient. I have sincere gratitude for the services I received from Florida Mobile Phlebotomy Services.
Agnes Clavier

I am writing to thanks Florida Phlebotomy Services for such a great job during my time on medication that required weekly blood draws. Sabah was an excited phlebotomist. I am going to miss having her come to my home. She always did such a wonderful job, caring and was always professional.
Warm regards,
John F. LLoyd

As the caregiver of a dementia wife, it is difficult to get him to the lab for blood tests. I called Florida Phlebotomy Services and they came to the home to draw the blood. I was so impressed with their service. The phlebotomist was polite, professional and knowledgeable. The whole process went smoothly and easily. I am so happy to have found this service.
Dr. Frank Clavier MD

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with Florida Phlebotomy Service. They do such a great job. I used to have another company draw my blood and they always hurt me. The Tech at Florida Phlebotomy Services draws my blood and it doesn’t even hurt!
Hawa Johns

I just wanted to send a comment of thanks. I referred my first patient Victoria to you. I was pleased that the process went so smoothly and she was pleased at how caring and soothing the phlebotomist was. I am looking forward to sending more business your way.
Thank you,
Dr. Richard Ameen, MD